About Floyd Canfield

Floyd Canfield is a smart and patient IT consultant from Vienna, Austria. He helps Digital Business Owners to protect and improve their online assets. With minimum time spent on their part he is a trusted business partner. If you invest a few hours of your time, he pushes your online business through the next milestone within weeks. You come closer to your ultimate goal: Your online business is feeding you, not eating you. 

Robert Redl
Innovation and Technology Expert

Date of Manufacture: 1970
Date of Delivery: 1971

In Business since: 1993

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45 y Life Experience *)

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24 y Business Experience *)

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11 m TMB ***)

*) approx. based on the Gregorian Calendar and tales my parents told me
**) rounded down, but including Thinking, Brainstorming, Dreaming, Sleeping and 5 hours layover on Heathrow Airport (avoid the latter at all costs)
***) 11 Minutes is the average time on client emergency calls until I have gathered enough information to solve your most immediate problem without further input = my Throw me a bone ™ system, or as Doug Stamper would say "I'm on it boss"

Reputations are made by searching for things that can't be done and doing them

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