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RT @lopp: Lightning is the TCP/IP of BTC. It will ultimately enable far more than just “fast payments” as innovators build more layers on t…

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“government attempt to regulate BTC with a judge instead of Congress”

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Several people are even believed to have died because they were denied access to food rations, pensions, or even ho…

11:22am Feb 17 2018 —

Access to the personal data of more than 1 billion people is for sale for less than $10 through WhatsApp. India’s T…

11:20am Feb 17 2018 —

Aadhaar by Numbers, Sunil Abraham

11:10am Feb 17 2018 —

RT @jackerhack: @UIDAI @nicdeity @cis_india Myth: CIDR is isolated from the internet.
Reality: CIDR has as many internet connections as the…

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RT @Ragnarly: If you hodl bitcoin long enough you reach a paradoxical enlightenment / disillusionment. You realize the cypherpunks and Aust…

9:17am Feb 17 2018 —

0.5 Trillion MarketCap

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