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RT @nycsouthpaw: As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.

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RT @BarstoolSam: Putin having a henchman hold an umbrella over him while the presidents of FIFA, France or Croatia get drenched is the ulti…

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RT @KatyTurNBC: In Mother Russia only Putin gets an umbrella

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RT @DesireeBellia: Croatian President @KolindaGK flew economy class to Russia, paid for her flights, put on a Croatian jersey despite of th…

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RT @Croatia_hr: No matter the result, today is making history. Croatia, a country with a population of just 4 million people, have walked o…

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RT @StockTwits: The ratio of the S&P 500 to Gold is at its highest level since August 2002. via @charliebilello… ht…

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Change your Leaders, not your Life

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